Infographic: How different are mobile customers?

It’s no secret that mobile commerce is exploding.  As a result, many of our customers have been using Custora to understand the shopping behavior of their mobile customers.  Looking beyond aggregate metrics, we’ve been surprised to see just how much “the mobile shopper” varies across clients and verticals.  We put together the following infographic to highlight some of the stories we’ve seen (click to view in full size):

If you’re curious to understand the customer lifetime value and ordering behavior of your mobile shoppers, let us know!

2 thoughts on “Infographic: How different are mobile customers?

  1. Do you consider tablet users in your mobile userbase?

    Of the retailers I’ve talked to, we all agree that tablets should be in a different category altogether.

    A phone experience is much different than an experience on a touch screen device with a screen size that is magnitudes larger. And the contexts upon which they are used are also much different.

    Great data all the same, thanks for sharing.

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