Holidata 2015 – Pre-Turkey Day Update

Holidata 2015

Good news, retailers: US e-commerce is off to a strong start heading into the 2015 holiday season. We analyzed the Holidata from the beginning of the month to now — November 1st through the 22nd — and revenue is up 12.8% year-over-year (YOY) with transactions up 12% compared to the same time frame in 2014. Average order value (AOV) is up slightly (0.7%). Given the significant increase in YOY revenue, the increase in AOV indicates that so far this holiday shopping season hasn’t been overly promotional.

Hello, it’s me

Shoppers are turning to their mobile phones to place orders now more than ever before. So far this holiday season 20% of online transactions have been placed on mobile phones. Tablets dropped an entire percentage point from 2014 to 2015, now bringing in 10.3% of orders. Finally, it looks like desktop computers were on St. Nick’s naughty list this year — orders placed on desktops fell from 75% to 69.9%.
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Your Last Minute Holiday Marketing Checklist

There are last minute shoppers, and there are last minute marketers.

While most marketers have likely had much of their holiday campaigns teed up for weeks now, it’s never too late to make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. To guarantee that your marketing campaigns stand out this holiday season, Custora teamed up with Marketo to present “Make Your Holiday Marketing Sparkle: Your Last Minute Checklist.”

In the webinar, we discuss:

  • How online retailers like Crocs and Bonobos are optimizing their holiday campaigns online using data and customer analytics
  • How you can apply segmentation and personalization marketing techniques during the holiday season
  • What are the top holiday shopping days, beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • What are the best performing online marketing channels during the holidays


Watch the full webinar below to make sure your holiday marketing plan is bulletproof.

Holidata 2015 + Holiday Marketing Webinar with Marketo

Holidata 2015

Wrapping paper. Hot chocolate. Turkey legs. It’s almost that time of the year again.

We’re excited to kick off the 2015 Custora E-Commerce Holiday Pulse, our annual analysis of U.S. e-commerce stats and trends throughout the holidays. This year we’re starting the Holidata celebration with a look at the latest numbers heading into the holiday season, along with some advice for all the last minute shoppers marketers out there.


Make Your Holiday Marketing Sparkle

Join Vidya Chadaga, Director of Product Marketing at Marketo, along with Corey Pierson, Co-founder and CEO of Custora, as they give you the tools and inspiration you need to spread a little holiday (marketing) cheer.

Webinar – Make Your Holiday Marketing Sparkle: Your Last Minute Checklist
Wednesday, November 18th
1pm – 2pm ET (10am – 11am PT)
Register here.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Steps to creating a successful and revenue generating holiday campaign
  • Top performing marketing channels during the holidays
  • How to use data and analytics to optimize your own holiday marketing programs
  • Key holiday shopping dates beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Register for the webinar here.
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WETIKI, or the challenges of a growing team

Here at Custora, we’ve been fortunate to double in size since the beginning of the year. With growth, come challenges – one of them is communication among different teams and individuals.
Dan, Dave, Martin, and Aubrey came up with a short video to promote team communication, knowledge sharing, and healthy eating. Here it is for your viewing pleasure (not recommended while eating).



P.S – here‘s how you too can join our growing, WETIKIing team.

Relationship Marketing In Custora – New Software Release

“What can we do this month to nurture ‘almost VIP’ shoppers into ‘VIP’ customers?”


“What churn prevention tactics do we have in place for our highest value customers?”

“How are we converting our 1x buyer, fashion-focused customers to make a 2nd purchase?”


We all know marketing is about building long-lasting relationships with our customers. Yet with all the new marketing technology that has emerged over the past few years, we still find ourselves caught up in the busy short-term needs of manual list pulls and frenzied scrambles to get the daily email out the door. Marketing is busy, and marketing is hard — and there is usually little, if any, time for questions such as the ones above.


The new release of Custora is designed to make these types of conversations a reality. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in retail, large and small, and young and old — and we’ve expanded the software to capture best practices across the board.


These include the “playbook” that most successful retail marketing teams follow for formulating and executing marketing strategy:

  • Opportunity sizing and prioritization: what opportunities emerge from the data — and where should the team focus its time and resources
  • Testing and iteration: what ideas and messages are the most effective for reaching different customer segments
  • Automation: how can the best ideas be automated to create a sustainable “retention system” over time?


How do teams actually use the new release in practice? Let’s imagine that BigStore USA, an ecommerce retailer, were to log in to the new retention dashboard. They’d see a breakdown of the most important customer-centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), tracking the strength of their relationships with customers throughout the lifecycle. (Click here to learn more about these KPIs.) And an opportunity sizing would show them the gains, that they could expect, benchmarked against results from similar retailers.


Exploring their data, they might discover that their most significant opportunity involves increasing the purchase rate of customers who are active and engaged with the brand. By navigating to the Retention Marketing Manager, they could then access the full array of triggers available to them to reward and deepen the loyalty of their most valuable customers. They would also discover the opportunity to launch “programs”: recurring campaigns focused on strategic segments of customers, like their VIPs and almost-VIPs.


BigStore USA would try a variety of ideas to surprise and delight their VIPs. One month they might try exclusive sneak-peek access to a new shoe collection; the next, they might try a thank-you note from the CEO. And for their “almost VIPs,” they might try rolling out the red carpet with free shipping upgrades and personal shopper consultations.


As they experimented with different approaches to loyalty cultivation, they would discover what ideas worked best for each segment — and the retention dashboard would track exactly how much their efforts were moving the needle on the relevant KPI. Over time, they would continue to iterate and automate their best-performing ideas to capture the full opportunity from this segment.


We’re excited to have the opportunity to share this new release — stay tuned to learn more about how other retailers are using Custora to power relationship marketing!