Powering better email with predictive analytics

Predictive analytics allows quick, reliable conclusions about how a person will behave by inferring how similar they are to other people: Daya is a top customer who shops business chic shoes and loves free shipping. Olivia just signed up and has similar characteristics to Daya (came from Facebook, browses footwear, from the Midwest) β€” better send Olivia an email about shoes that come with free shipping.

Throughout a customer’s lifecycle, predictive analytics helps retailers better understand who their customers are and what they like, and then tailor messages to better suit those tastes β€” from activating email subscribers (sometimes called “members”) into customers, to growing relationships through repeat purchases and interactions, until the point of retention, when it looks like that customer might stop shopping with that store, and beyond.

Recently, we co-hosted a webinar (with Percolate) and shared stories of how predictive analytics is helping e-commerce leaders (like Guess, Nasty Gal, and Sole Society) transform their email marketing.

We covered case studies from each phase of the customer lifecycle:
Activation, Growth, and Retention
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What Google’s Inbox Means for Email Marketing Teams

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who strive to keep their email inbox empty and those who are comfortable “letting go” and leaving things to fate (or their email provider’s inbox search features). While I fall squarely into the first group, my wife falls soundly asleep each night as a member of the second. Yesterday I caught an over-the-shoulder glimpse of her current inbox count – 15,722. The possibility of unanswered emails from an old friend, or a missed dinner invitation in such an inbox puts me in a panic, but she seemed to be completely at ease. Perhaps she knew that the Email Gods would eventually come to her rescue.

In a way, Google did just that by introducing a new app called Inbox. Similar to the updates Google made last year which led to double digit declines in Groupon’s open rate, Inbox disrupts email again by introducing two new features – Bundles and Highlights.

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Sole Society + Custora: 3.5% revenue lift in two weeks using conversion predictions

The visibility that we get from Custora in terms of what we should send to whom and when, helps us understand exactly which call to action is most effective for retaining different customer segments.
-Andrea Wasserman, CEO of Sole Society


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A Conversation with BaubleBar: Holiday E-commerce Marketing

Becca Freeman, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at BaubleBar


We recently hosted a webinar with Becca Freeman, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at BaubleBar. Launched in 2011, BaubleBar has quickly become an online destination for fashion jewelry, due largely in part to their unique sourcing capabilities. BaubleBar leverages real-time data to design products corresponding to current consumer trends.

Becca manages BaubleBar’s customer acquisition and email marketing programs. She talked to us about BaubleBar’s use of data and customer insights, as well as their upcoming holiday strategy. Here are a few highlights – you can get the entire recording below.

(We’re also hosting another webinar this week, discussing data-driven email marketing techniques from top retailers like Guess?, Nasty Gal, and Sole Society – register here).

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Nasty Gal + Custora: 11% revenue lift with a tailored approach to lifecycle marketing

β€œThe marketing team was hungry for analytics and customer insight metrics. It was crucial to get insight into our performance, identify opportunities, test them, and eventually roll out successful initiatives at a greater scale.”
– Michael Fellner, Director of Retention Marketing, Nasty Gal


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