Holiday Shopping is Heating Up Online: Orders Up 16.5% Over 2013

Over Thanksgiving weekend, US e-commerce orders grew 15.4% over the same weekend in 2013. Growth hasn’t slowed down post-Cyber Monday – in fact, it has picked up: In the first two weeks of December (Dec-2 to Dec-14), US e-commerce orders grew 16.5% over the equivalent time period in 2013, with revenue up 15.6%.
With that growth in the final stretch of the season, Holiday 2014 is well on its way to become another record-breaking shopping season online, with growth squarely in the mid-teens.

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Taking the Guesswork out of Marketing – How Guess Uses Predictive Analytics


Guess Director of Marketing – CRM, Victoria Grahan, discusses how Custora is helping transform the ways Guess communicates with their customers.

Imagine you’re Victoria Grahan, Director of Marketing – CRM at Guess. You have the resources and support of global fashion brand and you work with a talented team of data-savvy marketers.

Surely you have nailed down marketing analytics and customer segmentation, your email campaigns are micro-segmented and ultra-personalized, and of course, your target CPA (cost per customer acquisition) is as chiseled as the muscles of those Guess models.

Maybe not.

We recently hosted a workshop with Victoria at Fashion Digital New York, where we discussed how a large data-driven organization with a dedicated, sophisticated in-house CRM and analytics team is leveraging external tools like Custora to extend and automate some of their analytics and marketing programs.

Here are a few highlights from Victoria. You can watch the entire 45-minute recording below.

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Cyber Monday Biggest Day in US Online Shopping Ever, Holiday Weekend Sales Online up 15% over 2013

E-commerce revenue was up 15.4% on Cyber Monday 2014 compared to Cyber Monday 2013, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history — easily shattering the previous record set just three days ago, on Black Friday.
For the full holiday weekend (Thanksgiving day 11/27 to Cyber Monday 12/1), revenue growth over 2013 came in strong at 15.4%. The strongest growth was recorded on Black Friday (+20.6% year over year), and on Thanksgiving (+17.7% year over year).
The strong growth overall for the weekend was driven by mobile shopping (Apple devices in particular), email marketing, and Google search.

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Black Friday US E-Commerce Up 20% Over Black Friday 2013, Biggest US Online Shopping Day Ever

Online sales were up 20.6% in Black Friday 2014 compared to Black Friday 2013, driven by mobile shopping and email marketing.
Thanks to this growth, Black Friday 2014 surpassed Cyber Monday’s 2013 and became the biggest shopping day in US history. This title, however, is very likely to be short lived. Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and is all but certain to easily surpass Black Friday’s sales.

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Turkey, Football, and Online Shopping the Stars of Thanksgiving 2014

Online shopping was up almost 20% in Thanksgiving 2014 compared to Thanksgiving 2013, driven by mobile shopping and promotions.
Despite this growth, Thanksgiving – contrary to some predictions – is nowhere near Black Friday or Cyber Monday in terms of online shopping. Revenue on Black Friday 2013 was almost 2.5X higher than Thanksgiving 2014, and revenue on Cyber Monday was three times as high.

The data points below are from The Custora E-Commerce Pulse, a free online dashboard tracking over 100 US online retailers, 100 million online shoppers, and over $40 billion in transaction revenue.

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